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The Community Farming Initiative

Fish is the main source of animal protein in some developing countries, especially tilapia and catfish, with dramatically increasing demand worldwide. This is a tremendous business opportunity that can benefit many families within a short period

Based on our extensive aquaculture experience, Upgrade Solutions offers a practical, cost-effective and commercially viable fish farming model that recognizes and addresses the social and economic needs of the community, including development of employment opportunities and SME (Small Medium Enterprise) business opportunities.

The Community Farming Initiative

The “Community Fish Farming Initiative” model, is based on a co-operative environment where a central farm and training center provides management support and production coordination to satellite farms. In this initiative, several families living around a water source will set up a highly efficient Mini Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) backyard fish farm with a BioFishency single pass biofilter (SPB) system and a total of 6-8 fish tanks. The families will receive support from a central unit that supplies raw materials, services and fish and provides marketing support.

The functions of the Central Farm & Training Center are:
1. Produce and provide high quality fingerlings to farmers enabling them to attain high yields.
2. Supply high quality feed.
3. Training center to farmers enabling them to practice scientific, sustainable aquaculture:

  •  Formal Training
  •  Knowledge and technology transfer
  •  Practical Aquaculture courses for trainees and farmers

4. Marketing.
5. Research and trial of different fish species.

The satellite farmers focus on a single step within the overall production cycle – mainly the “Grow Out” or “fattening” of fingerlings supplied from the Central Farm until they reach an optimum size for the intended target market. The Central Farm provides Satellite farmers with the confidence, ability and resources to overcome any set-up or operational challenges that may be experienced, and thus allow them to grow their own businesses under the expert management and supervision of Central Farm personnel.

All fish tanks of a single backyard fish farm will be connected to the innovative BioFishency’s all-in-one water treatment system, which will increase fish production and save water and land resources with minimal investment, significantly increasing profitability and sustainability. The system incorporates several known water treatment technologies into one product, producing a one-pass filtration system. This simplifies the filtration process and production costs, and makes it affordable for small-scale farmers.

Known internationally for its ‘Out Of the Tank’ approach, Upgrade Solutions has the most advanced, readily available, comprehensive and easily applicable water provisioning and storage uses, including those ideal for community fish farming initiatives. The company’s portable, quick water tanks are perfectly suited to meet the needs of fish farmers as an ideal, cost-effective alternative to other types of breeding tanks. Using the BioFishency water treatment system Upgrade Solutions provides a complete, turnkey community fish farm solution, for the central farm and training center as well as for the satellite farms (backyard fish farms)

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