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International Royal Academy of the United Nations

Established in 2005 by Co founder the late Prince Michael Kelly Romanov (A descendant of the Royal Romanov’s of Russia)and Co Founder Hr. Dr, Duke Alexander Mathew Sokolinsky, Royal Academy of the United Nations is one of the largest contingents of experts in science, education, information technology, healthcare, consulting, art and culture. That magic title of Academy was created by Prince Michael Dmitrivech Kelly Romanov in 2005 and full idea and concept of IRAUN Academy by Hr. Dr. Duke Alexander Mathew Sokolinsky

The Academy is a self-governing international organization similar in its governance to the Nobel Committee, UNICEF or UNIDO, having many outstanding figures, experts and professionals as members and honorees of The Academy globally.

The Academy shares the ideals of its members, who contribute to the success of people and cultures globally and who work toward the noble objective of making lives better for all. In doing so, The Academy facilitates the promotion and development of scientific, technical, cultural and commercial ideas & objectives on a global scale.

The Academy supports scientific, art and sports achievements as well as the development of rating systems for organizations, institutions, companies and individuals. The Academy recognizes achievers in the various sectors by bestowing various awards & certificates, along with bestowing applicable diplomas and degrees to various deserving reciepients/honorees.

The Academy also holds various symposiums, conferences, exhibitions, seminars and forums while also undertaking unique projects to address sustainable development of scientific and technical potential as well as promoting & sponsoring investment projects.

The Academy is a platform: to develop communications in science, art, education, sports, healthcare, business and politics; to obtain international certificates, accreditations, scientific degrees; to present to the international community people’s achievements and skills and receive appraisals from industry experts.

>The Academy is also an elite business club that brings businesses, people and authorities together, with a common objective: The betterment of humanity overall

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Meet Our Executive Team

We represent our team of members of The Royal Academy of the United Nations. For more information on all members, see the Honoree Doctor page.

Founder of Ellite buisness club and Chamber of Inter Commerce at Royal Academy of United Nations.

International buisness development, marketing
Mr.Sergei Zakharov

Moscow. Russian Federation
Ecological knowhow. Technologies. Trades.

Hr.Dr.Ilya Sorokin

Florida State.USA

Paraguay Latin America advisor
Dr. Javid Mynt

International buisness development. Marketing. PR
New York USA.

Colombia Latin America and Mexico expert

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