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Executive Board


Co Founder of Chamber of Inter Commerce at Royal Academy of the UN

Chairman and Founder of EBC- IRAUN
Elite Buisness Club at International Royal Academy of the United Nations
(EBC- IRAUN) since 2010

Hr. Dr. Michael Vischmidt

Hr. Dr. Of Philosophy
Vice President IRAUN International


Honor Member of RAUN Since 2013
General Administrator Assistanse

Hr. Dr . Keith Scott

VIP member of Ellite buisness club since 2008. Chairman of the Board at IGlobal Economy Development Center . CFO of Royal Academy of the United Nations Since 2007.

Dr. Maxim.Tuul

Expert in PR and Arts
BUisness development
Moscow. Russia

Hr. Dr. Lisa Haque

Expert in International buisness development. Los Angeles. USA

Hr. Dr. Sergei Ver Quin Lamy

Executive in Public relations
TV.Marketing. Geneva Switzerland

Hr. Dr. Alisher Latif Zade

Academy honored member
Since 2009.
Dept of fine art and music
California USA

Dr. Judge Benhalilou Mohammed Ichem

President of IRAUN Academy for Algeria
Dept of Jurisdiction and International buisness development. SInce 2017

Dr. Zana Khafaf

President of Academy
for Iraq, Kyrdistan Region
International buisness development


Vice President IRAUN
Middle East Region


President of IRAUN-Asia
International Business development

Hr. Dr. Andrew Chistov

Honored member of IGEDC
Head of Sport devision of IGEDC.


Vice President
Africa, Middle East
Chairman of the Foreign Affaires and Business Development

Dr. Igor Fokin

Dr. Igor Fokin
Member since 2019
Natural resources and dept of logistics.
Kiev. Ukraine

Hr. Dr. Naby Abdurakhmanov

Expert in Art Theatre Film
New York. USA Tashkent Uzbekistan

Dr. Gulgun Kyrgiz

International buisness development. Izmir Turket
Honored member of IRAUN

Hr Dr Javid Mynt

Sr. executive at board of Global Advisory since 2017
Palm beach Florida. USA

Mr Walt Power

Honored member of Ellite buisness club and IRAUN
Since 2010. Macao. China

Hr. Dr. Slobodan Krajnican

Expert in cutting edge technology
Ecological development.
Honored Doctor of International Royal Academy of the United Nations since 2014

Lichtenstein EU

Dr. Victor Tuzlukov

Expert in pressious and semi pressious stones.
Bangkok Thailand

Hr. Dr.Eldae Rokhadze

Expert in Architectural designs
and fine art. Repanlic of Georgia

Hr. Dr. Zaid Haque

Professor of medicine
Medical centers buisness developer. Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia

Mr. Alexander Dedov

Expert in technologies . TV.
Trades.Moscow. Russia

Hr.Dr.Alexander Lisaks

Expert in technologies. Metals.Energy.

Hr. Dr. Andrew Archipowski

Art consultant. Expert in designing
Since 2013. Yekaterinburg. Russia

Hr.Dr Aleksei Novotochinov

Minister of the Foreign affaires PhD in Technology and Science Honored member of International Royal academy of the United Nations since 2006

Hr. Dr. Alexander Vuginshtein

Expert in International buisness development. Vice President of IRAUN.

Mr. Roderick Olmos

Executive adviser for
Panama in technologies and Marina. Panama City Panama


President of IRAUN,IGEDC,EBC-IRAUN – in Brazil
Executive director for Trading  Petroleum product
Honored member of Academy and Chamber of Inter Commerce
since 2014

Hr. Dr. Sawang Jana
Honored doctor of International Royal Academy of the United Nations, expert in project funding and finance in IGLOBAL ECONOMY DEVELOPMENT CENTER VIP member of IRAUN- EBC
Since 2015
Hr. Dr. Percy Tamayo of International
Buisness Development 
Honored member of International Royal Academy of the United Nations 
Executive director for IGlobal Economy Development Center 
Executive partner of EBC- IRAUN
Elite Buisness Club (Ambassador group)
Since 2010
Hr.Dr. Tatyana Fedorovna Faberge

Honored Doctor of  Art and Heritage at Royal
Academy of the United Nations
Since 2008, awarded in Geneva

Dr. Mehmet Senkaya
Executive partner in dept of
International buisness development
Honored member of International Academy
of the United Nations.  Advisor to
IGlobal Economy Development Center
Since 2008