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Why Invest in Real Estate?

Real estate has long been a cornerstone of wealth generation and preservation. However, the asset class is difficult to source, operationally intensive, and too often burdened by high fees and misalignment. Which means investors of all types lack efficient access to quality opportunities.

Return Potential

Alongside the security of tangible asset ownership, commercial real estate has historically produced attractive returns relative to other fixed income and real estate products.

Cummulative Return Since 2000
  • Real Estate 430%
  • S&P 500 133%
  • US Bonds 112%
Investment period: December 2000  December 2016. Real estate data is from FTSE NAREIT US Real Estate Equity REITs and represents total return data, with full reinvestment of dividends. S&P Total Return data is from CBOE. US Bond index is from the Barclays US Aggregate Bond Index. All data is as of December 2016. Real estate return data should not be used to estimate the return of Cadre investments.

Tax Efficiency

We live in an after-tax world and should view our investments through a tax conscious lens. With Cadre, enjoy the favorable tax characteristics of real estate ownership.

Tax Drag
Real Estate 24% Tax
Non-RE 34% Tax

After-Tax Annualized Return
Real Estate 11% IRR
Non-RE 9% IRR

Illustrative tax scenarios assume a hypothetical pre-tax net return of 16% IRR. Tax calculations are not tax advice and assume: 37.6% marginal tax rate, 22-year blended depreciation schedule for real estate investment and no depreciation for non-real estate investment. Actual rates and depreciation scenarios may vary. Percentages rounded to the nearest whole number.


Real estate offers valuable portfolio diversification, but typically means writing big checks for single assets or funds. With Cadre, gain access without having to make overly concentrated commitments.

Tangible Asset Ownership

As a hard asset, real estate can provide both cash flow and intrinsic value. With Cadre, benefit from fractional ownership in individual properties.

Why Invest with Cadre?

We are a technology-empowered real estate investment platform with an emphasis on differentiated sourcing, diligence enhanced by data, increased transparency, and investor-friendly terms.