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Safe Dead Sea

INTERNATIONAL MOVEMENT TO SAVE THE DEAD SEA, THE JORDAN RIVER AND OTHER DISAPPEARING LAKES AND RIVERS.The UN International Royal Academy and supported by its International Movement to save the Dead Sea, the Jordan River and other disappearing lakes and rivers offer a complex solution for saving the Dead Sea, the Jordan River and drinking water to residents of the surrounding area. It is proposed to:

  • stabilize the water level in the Dead Sea and revive the Jordan River at the account of the Mediterranean Sea water. Supply to the Jordan River desalinated water only. And to the Dead Sea also the sea water in the quantity which is safe for its ecological conditions;
  • build sewage treatment facility on the Jordan River for the prevention of river pollution and prevention of polluted effluents into the Dead Sea;
  • develop, manufacture and install floating desalting plants at the Dead Sea using, mainly, gas fuel;
  • transport the desalinated water to the most needed areas of the Hаshemit Kingdom of Jordan, Israel and Palestinian Autonomy in a quantity up to 500 mln m3 per year. It will fully satisfy the potable water needs of the local citizen.
  • eliminate the hazard of karst holes formation at the dried out sea bottom using the new technology offered by us;
  • add to the Kineret lake the desalinated water, received at the floating desalting plants.

Developed the conceptual project of the floating desalting plants using the latest samples of the commercially available desalting equipment.

Scheme of pipelines, desalinization plants and sewage treatment installations.

1 – Pipe with sea water; 2 – Pipe with desalinized water; 3 – Flow of desalinized water along the Jordan River; 4 – Dry tunnel (other options may not require tunnels); 5 – Floating desalination plants 6 – Pump for sea water; 7 – Sewage collection facilities; 8 – Cleaning stations; 9 – Lakes with sea water (options); 10 – Pipe with desalinized water for the Sea of Galilee; 11 – Pipeline with desalinized water for Jordan; 12 – Pipeline with desalinized water for the Palestinian territories

The Program allows for the complete solution of the regional problems at the nearest decades and will contribute to the cause of peace and tranquility in this region. If it will be water it will not be hunger. The unique in the world Dead Sea will be preserved for the future generations, and future generations, undoubtedly, will be grateful to us.

The Dead Sea – a real “wonder of nature” – is drying out. Over the past decades its level had already dropped by 35 meters and continues to drop by more than a meter per year. The discharge of the Jordan River, sacred for the three monotheistic religions, has shrunk almost ten times, and the water in the river is so polluted that it makes it dangerous to dive into it. Karst holes are formed at the dried sea bottom – there are already several thousand of them. The population of the surrounding desert areas receives less than a quarter of necessary drinking water

Regretfully, practically nothing is done to prevent the ecological catastrophe. Тransporting waste materials from the desalinating plant in Akabe and water from the Red Sea to the Dead Sea, provided for by the Agreement between the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Israel and Palestinian Administration in 2013, not only doesn’t improve the situation, but makes it worse. Dead Sea drying-out will continue. The effectiveness of chemical plants operation will lower. That can lead to working places decrease for the citizens of the South Israel, as well as for the citizens of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. It also threatens the unique content of the salts defining the effectiveness of the medical/resort activity. Construction and operation of the water pipeline will require very big expenses. The population of the adjacent area will not receive the water. If existing situation will continue we are at risk to lose the Dead Sea. How real this threat is, shows the example of Aral Sea. This lake that was the fourth in the world is almost completely dried out, and people that should save it just confirmed its disappearance. If we don’t want the Dead Sea to repeat the fate of Aral Sea, it is necessary to start saving it and activate corresponding authorities. We cannot remain indifferent.